Power Mom: Crystal Gaspard Walcott

Power Mom Monday- Crystal Gaspard Walcott

Crystal is my husband’s college football teammate’s wife’s cousin’s husband’s cousin. Now say that 3 times fast! Actually, all of the people who connect us are friends that have become like family so I’ll just call Crystal my play cousin. She’s a talented confectioner, owner of La Chinita Sweets, and an ESL teacher. She and her husband have two adorable young children. This is what Crystal has to say about building and balancing.

1. What are you building?
I’m trying to build my business, La Chinita Sweets. I am a full-time teacher, but I still research and try to learn all there is to be the best baker out there. I want to master as much as I can before I take that launch and become a full-time baker.

2. How do you balance all that’s required of you?

It is very hard to balance all that I do, but I try my hardest. I work in the AM, come home and do a little homework (finishing my grad program), then I either work a little on orders or start dinner first. It depends on if an order is a priority. I then feed the kids, give baths, then finish up orders and go to bed late. If there’s a family or friend function, I try my best to go. If I have to sacrifice sleep I will because family and friends mean a lot to me. I don’t stop my social life since I have so much going on.

3. What’s your superpower?
I’m not sure what my superpower is but maybe just that I keep pushing. I try not to show how tired I am. I’m the energizer battery who really wants to sit down. But I try not to break character. I want to do all the things I do, so I can’t complain!!!

6 thoughts on “Power Mom: Crystal Gaspard Walcott

  1. Crystal, my girl, you’re an inspiration to all women! Because of our friendship your have inspired me to become a better person. I admire you for becoming a master at baking beautiful and delicious cake and cookies. All while maintaining your household, be an excellent mother and wife, a full-time teacher, and student. With you the sky is the limit and nothing can hold you back.


      1. Crystal is an amazing person with an amazing personality. She is always smiling and making people laugh. I do not know how she does it all – a mom, a teacher, a baker, a friend, and a wife. She does amazing work with her cakes. She is truly the best!

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  2. I’m so proud of my friend! Crystal truly manages all of this with a smile on her face. She is an awesome baker and teacher. And incredible mom and friend!


    1. She’s certainly one amazing lady and I get the privilege to work with her as an ESL Para, she’s taught me so many things, she’s always willing to help other people and go the extra mile for her students. I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to work with her.

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