Power Mom: Sharrolyn Jackson Miles

Sharrolyn Jackson Miles is talented lawyer who is dedicated to fairness and she is one of my very best friends. We met during freshman orientation at the Tulane University School of Architecture. We’ve been roommates, bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, caregivers for each others children and we consider each other as family. She is a married mother of 5 and stepmother of 2. Sharrolyn works full time in the District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor while homeschooling her 3 youngest children. She also has a Master’s Degree in Architecture. This is what Sharrolyn has to say about building, balancing, and being a Power Mom.

1. What are you building?

That’s a tough question. Work-wise, I’m trying to help rebuild the most broken and overlooked kids and families in my small community. I’m also trying to fix broken systems that leave many children falling through the cracks. At home, I’m trying to rebuild balance and learn to operate efficiently and effectively as a single mom (due to the extensive travel required of my husband for his job). I am trusting God that this is a lesson that will help me better advocate for other moms who must handle it all.

2. How do you balance all that’s required of you?

One moment at a time.

3. What’s your superpower?

I’m very good at listening to others when they need a kind ear.

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