Power Mom: Naana Danquah Jefferson

Naana Danquah Jefferson

I met Naana when we were freshmen at Tulane University. To me, an awkward, sheltered, insecure teenager who tried to carry myself with confidence and poise, Naana appeared to evoke those traits naturally. I wasn’t at all surprised when years later, via social media, I learned that in addition to having a career as a lawyer, Naana has also participated in beauty pageants, she is a jewelry designer and she’s an avid dancer and choreographer! On top of that, she has turned some of the activities that she loves into businesses, Narose Designs and Creative Crossings Studio. This is what she has to say about building, balancing, and being a powerful mom.

1. What are you building? 

I am building a family and traditions that I didn’t experience as a child. Doing this means learning more about me. Who I am. Where I come from. What I desire out of life. What I am passionate about. It means being present, engaged, and consistent. It means being connected to the source, God. It means prayer. More discipline. More focus. My prayer is that as I continue to build me, it will make me a better mom, a better wife, a better friend, and overall a better person.

2. How do you balance all that’s required of you?

Well, I will say there’s never a perfect balance. Once I got “ok” with that (and I have to remind myself fairly often), it made handling things a bit easier. It’s about prioritizing and not being too hard on myself when my to do list still has items left on it. It’s knowing that I can only do so much in a day and sometimes doing nothing is what’s required. In the end, I do what I can and remind myself that I can’t do everything at the same time.

3. What’s your superpower? 

My superpower??? Lol. Gosh… I’ve never thought about that.  There are some things that I do well and that seem to come a bit easily to me, but they’re not without some anxiety or concern. Like hearing music and coming up with choreography, connecting people, and conducting trainings. 

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