Power Mom: Karla Trotman

Karla Trotman is a driven business woman who gets things done. We met when we were very young, attending the same daycare, then later, the same high school. A close friend (more like a sister) who has been with me at my best and worst times, she’s the one I’d call if I had to hide a body.

*It’s a joke. I would never have to hide a body! If I did though, I would call Karla.*

Karla is the Chief Operating Officer of Electrosoft, Inc., a dedicated volunteer and a wife and mother of two. Here are some of the reasons Karla is this week’s Power Mom.


As I see it, Karla is building an empire from an established kingdom. When we were children her father, affectionately known to us as “Brutus” due to his stern demeanor when we were teenagers, started an electronics contract manufacturing company called Electrosoft, Inc.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Logistics, an Executive MBA, unparalleled tenacity and side splitting humor, Karla gets things done. Not only has she contributed to the success of corporate giants like Gap, Inc. and Ikea, after experiencing challenging pregnancies, she created BellyButtonBoutique.com to meet the needs of other pregnant women.

Karla is also committed to serving her community as a board member or volunteer with several charitable organizations.


I honestly don’t know how my friend finds time to balance all of her responsibilities, yet somehow she appears to do so with grace and laughter. I do know that she loves traveling and she takes time to do so with both family and friends. She takes weekend trips to The Shore and longer trips to the Caribbean with her husband and their children. With her parents, siblings and extended family, she enjoys extended vacations. She even makes time for girls trips to Paris and Italy.

Although running isn’t something Karla enjoys, she does it consistently. She recognizes the benefits of running and participates in 5K races, determined to do what’s best for her health.


If Karla were a superhero I think her biggest power would be her skills as a problem solver. She’ll read a book, attend a conference, take a class, find a mentor or do whatever it takes to figure something out. Then she makes a plan and executes it. She’s a powerful woman who has been inspiring me since we were teenagers. Please join me as I celebrate Karla Trotman, this week’s POWER MOM!

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