Power Mom: Sonia Rosen

Sonia Rosen is an educator who consistently raises her voice for those who are unheard. We met in high school. As a fellow member of our school’s chorus and participant in the annual school musical, I remember Sonia having a beautiful singing voice.

In addition to being an unflinching advocate for social justice and equity, Sonia is a Director at the Graduate School of Education at a highly respected university. A married mother of three who shares the hilarious and heart-warming antics of her children, Sonia is one of my favorite people on my social media newsfeed. Here are some of the reasons Sonia is this week’s Power Mom.


In my opinion, Sonia is building a more equitable community by educating future educators. Her nuanced understanding of history, social justice, and education, is evident in her thoughtful and thought-provoking posts. Not only does Sonia educate her students, she educates her community by providing keen insight into politics, activism, current events, foriegn policies, education and more. Yes, there’s more! She has published several articles and collaborated on a book called Contemporary Youth Activism: Advancing Social Justice in the United States. I’m sure I’m missing a few things but you get the point. Sonia is diligently building.


While it’s one of the most common forms of exercise and relaxation, I hate doing it so I’m always impressed by people who run. As far as I can tell, Sonia runs for pleasure and for her health. She also does something that I find even more impressive. Sonia literally balances – on silks! That’s right, like Cirque du Soleil and Pink! Well, not exactly like them, but I’m sure she can climb, flip, hang and pose better than most scholars, activists and busy mothers. She does it because she likes doing it and I think it’s pretty awesome.


I see advocacy as Sonia’s superpower. She doesn’t simply show concern for the injustices and inequalities that far too many people experience. She seeks out the root cause, learns how to resolve the issue, and shares her knowledge with the world. That’s real power! Please help me celebrate this week’s Power Mom, Sonia Rosen!

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