Power Mom: Aubri Finley Geurin

I’ve only spoken to Aubri in person two or three times. I met her a few years ago when my family and I lived in North Carolina. I had been invited to join a networking organization and Aubri was a presenter at my first meeting. She had an exuberant personality and she shared an inspiring story about her business and her life.

Ultimately, I didn’t join the organization and within a few months we returned to Louisiana, but I stayed in contact with Aubri via social media, where she continues to inspire people.


Aubri uses and sells Plexus products. Her sales pitch is more of a heart to heart conversation about challenges she once faced, how Plexus products have helped her, and why she wants to share the products with everyone else who faces similar challenges. Aubri believes in the what she uses and sells and she’s thrilled when others experience great results.


While building a succesful business, Aubri and her husband are also raising two children, one of which has a form of autism. Aubri often highlights the achievements of her children to encourage other parents who are going through similar experiences. Likewise, she shares her burdens to show that sometimes the simplest tasks can be daunting, difficult or disastrous, but never permanent. Aubri doesn’t paint a perfect picture of parental performance. She makes it clear that she struggles and thrives, sometimes all at once. I appreciate that she’s usually able to identify something positive in the midst of what can appear to be chaos. I am especially impressed with the way she is growing a business that helps to support her family without having to spend excessive amounts of time away from her family. That’s something to which I aspire.


I think Aubri’s greatest superpower is her patience. She has learned how to view autism in a way that allows her to celebrate things that others might ignore. She knows that one child processes life’s experiences differently than the other. She recognizes the possible adverse effects this can have on both children. Meanwhile, she continues to move forward, focusing on each child’s needs, sharing what works for her family, and encouraging others to view life differently so we can discover what works for ourselves.

Please join me in celebrating this awesome mom, Aubri Finley Geurin!

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