Power Mom: Rheneisha Robertson


Rheneisha is a loving wife and mother of two who has played a major role in building the organization for which she works, the Institute for Women and Ethnic Studies (IWES). Founded in 1993, “IWES is dedicated to improving the mental, physical and spiritual health and quality of life for women, their families and communities of color, particularly among marginalized populations, using community-engaged research, programs, training and advocacy.” Beginning as an intern over a decade ago, Rheneisha has committed herself to the work of the organization, taking the responsibility of various positions until reaching her current one, Chief Programs Officer. Additionally, she is involved in various community organizations and she consistently helps her 85 year old grandmother while keeping up with the clubs, organizations, teams, and activities in which her husband and children are involved.


While she is adept at juggling her responsibilities at work, at home, and in the community, Rheneisha also takes time to care for herself. From making time to go to a beauty salon, to working with a trainer who helps with nutrition and exercise, to taking a quick nap when she has a few free moments, Rheneisha makes an effort to care for herself and somehow she’s usually able to do it all with a smile.


I believe Rheneisha’s superpower is her ability to remain calm where others would be likely to fight, flee, cry or crumble. She faces challenging situations with grace and resolve, making major hurdles look like no big deal. Please join me in celebration of this week’s wonderful Power Mom!

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