Any Given Saturday

Our Saturdays are generally busy for our family. This post is a real time day in the life, sharing a glimpse of our busy lives.

1. Praise team practice

We get together at 8:30 on Saturday mornings to make sure we’re ready for praise and worship on Sunday.

2. Sheaux Fresh Produce Sale

On Friday afternoons my son and I harvest the food that my husband has grown while he collects food from other farmers.

On Saturday mornings while I’m practicing with the praise team, my husband is packing up the truck and heading to King & Queen Emporium.

Located at 2500 Bayou Road, King & Queen Emporium is a black-owned shop that sells homemade soap, incense, essential oils and other products.

We provide fresh, locally sourced foods to the people of our community because we know it needs to be done. My husband once had a dream of planting the earth and feeding the world. That dream motivates him, not only to plant gorgeous gardens and grow fresh food, but make fresh more available to people.

3. Rest

I went to bed much later than usual on Friday night. While our daughters were with friends at a high school dance, I spent time with friends until it was time to bring the girls home. I went to bed after 1:00am. This morning I got up and started my regular routine but I knew I would be tired later. After packing everything from the sale into my husband’s truck, I brought the children home, made myself some tea, and took a nap.

4. Dinner

We decided to eat out for dinner, which posed a real challenge since we were seeking convenience, healthy food options, and affordable prices. Add that to our desire to support black-owned businesses and the challenge became even greater. We decided on Freddy’s Chicken and Waffles. The healthy options are limited but it met three of our four desires for the evening. We always have plenty of fresh, healthy food at home so the choice was fairly simple.

Our waitress was young, awkward, and almost certainly had very little experience as a server, but she was friendly and helpful. They offer take out service but we were the only customers dining in so we had her undivided attention. She seemed completely surprised when by her tip. Having nearly two decades of experience working in fine dining restaurants, my husband tips well habitually. The dining experience left room for improvement but considering the fact that it’s a neighborhood chicken and waffle spot we weren’t expecting Zagat rated service. We enjoyed ourselves, as we usually do.

5. Rest

By 8:00pm we had left the restaurant, delivered a box of sweet potatoes to one of my sisters-in-law, come home, started preparing for bed. Next Saturday we’ll do it all over again.

What’s your Saturday routine?

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