Power Mom: Polly Gaskins

There are many ways that I could introduce this powerful woman – so many that I don’t know where to begin. She’s generous, creative, funny, and she loves traveling. She has been a model, a seamstress, a Bell Telephone operator, and for over 30 years she worked for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This lady seems to know almost everyone and apparently, almost everyone knows her. I’ve been blessed to know her for my entire life. This week’s Power Mom is my mom, Polly Gaskins.


My mother loves to give. As a child I used to get home from school and find new clothes on my bed for no specific reason. A consistent bargain hunter, my mom enjoys finding things for people and giving it to them. Be it enough Christmas gifts for five children even though I’m her only child, or dropping off food, clothing and supplies at a homeless shelter, or delivering meals to elderly people with little access to transportation, Polly Gaskins enjoys giving. She has built a reputation as one who can be called for help. More than that, she’ll often lend a hand before being asked. If she sees a need she wants to fix it, even it simply means knocking on a neighbors door to offer condolences, hugs, or encouragement.


My mom has balanced much in her life. As a single parent with the support of a host of family members and friends, she was able to balance a working night shifts, maintaining a home, and raising me. Though she worked long hours, often doing overtime, she also made time to enjoy herself. I remember going to Disneyland when I was five, Cancun when I was fifteen, and Bermuda at least four different times. We also took road trips for summer holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day) to visit our family in Westmoreland County, VA. My mom worked hard to earn her money and she had no problem spending it on fun, or interesting experiences.


My mom has been an excellent mother to me and a fantastic “Gee-gee” to my children. On top of that, her superpower is connecting people. She remembers birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. She know who is related to who, and how. She recognizes classmates, church members, neighbors, coworkers, and nearly everyone she meets. With that, she connects, introduces, visits, sends cards, and makes phone calls. She knows me and you, your mama and your cousin too. She loves to figure out how people know each other or how to introduce people and make connections. Because of that, she is known and respected, appreciated, and/or loved by many. Please join me in celebrating my favorite Power Mom, my mom, Polly Gaskins.

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