Power Mom: Karen Stout

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this woman for my entire life. She’s one of my greatest influences as a mother and as a person who shines her light in the community. My aunt Karen, whose birthday happens to be today, is this week’s Power Mom.


Aunt Karen is a family and community builder. With four children of her own, she often had other children with her. (It’s me. I am other children!) The neighborhood children, the nieces, the nephews, the friends of friends and whoever else tagged along were always welcomed with a smile. Aunt Karen checks on her neighbors, cooks for her church members, does whatever is needed for her family, and even offers encouragement and advice to her coworkers and their customers. I have lived in five different states, in the northeast, the midwest, and the south, and have never met anyone who is as willing to share their time, attention, or resources the way aunt Karen does. She is the epitome of a community mother.


When I was a child my aunt Karen’s house was one of my favorite places to be. I was the only child in my home but there were always plenty of children at her house. She gave birth to four children but is a mother to any child she meets. Though her children are now adults aunt Karen remains busy, balancing her job at a department store, helping out with her grandchildren, volunteering at her church, and being the primary caregiver for her mother. On top of all of that, she’s a loving and devoted wife to uncle Billy. Aunt Karen makes it look easy to balance all of life’s demands.


When I think of aunt Karen I think of kindness, generosity, encouragement, and generally making people feel good. Her maiden name, Comfort, fits her well and in my opinion is her superpower. Aunt Karen brings comfort to anyone who needs it, sharing a smile, a hug or even a meal. She uses jokes and scriptures, hugs and honest conversations, or whatever she has available to bring comfort to those around her. Please join me in celebration of one of the most powerful and loving people I know, Karen Stout.


2 thoughts on “Power Mom: Karen Stout

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