Building Momentum

January 2020 felt like the longest month ever. For me, that’s been a blessing because it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve truly felt like myself, as opposed to constantly trying to feel better. The slow start has been good for me. I think I’m ready to pick up the pace. I’m gaining momentum.… Read More Building Momentum

The Trouble With Always Representing

I thought of all the times I felt the responsibility to be an ambassador for Black women. I remembered being very young when my mother warned me that I better behave myself no matter where I was because I represented her and she had eyes everywhere. I grew to understand that in the eyes of people who had limited meaningful interactions with Black women, I represented all Black women, and those limited eyes are everywhere.… Read More The Trouble With Always Representing

I’m Tired But I Won’t Quit

I’m free to use my time as I desire but I’m still learning how to exercise this newly discovered freedom. I must be creative and responsible. I must exercise my imagination. I’ve been vacillating between the goal of a self-determined future and the security of full-time employment with benefits right now. I’m struggling to thrive. I’m fighting to have peace. I’m demolishing all that I believed about getting a good job to earn a good living because my children and their future children and grandchildren deserve more.
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Sometimes My Best Isn’t Good Enough – And That’s Alright

Lately I just really don’t care and I mean that in the best way possible. As I child I wanted to be perfect out of fear. I believed that my good behavior was the reason people loved me, or at least liked me. I was afraid of what they would think if I didn’t do everything just right. As a young woman I abandoned the perceived high of approval via perfection. Instead I pursued a new high – respect via constant improvement. I decided that I’d much rather have people respect me than love me. I reasoned that seeking perfection was illogical and usually impeded me from truly feeling joy. The intelligent thing to do was to seek respect – from other people of course. “Most people will always respect someone who is constantly improving, right?” I had convinced myself that this was true.… Read More Sometimes My Best Isn’t Good Enough – And That’s Alright

Ladysitting: The Book That Reminded Me of Myself

I finished the book feeling like someone that I didn’t know knew me. While I’ve enjoyed most of the books I’ve read in the past few years I can’t remember one having this kind of affect on me. After reading the last words I returned to the book’s first pages where I saw myself in the preface, enjoying my childhood memories of “delight and time.”… Read More Ladysitting: The Book That Reminded Me of Myself

2 Black Bloggers: Ladies Who Inspired the Build and Balance Blog

From my perspective, what they’re doing appears to be working so I’ve been visiting their blogs and observing their online presence, watching them be great! They’ve truly inspired me to believe that I can do this, so without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to two Black women bloggers who inspire me to keep going – Dee Hollins, creator of The Nola Chic, and Natalie Tellis Robertson, co-creator of BeFabDaily.… Read More 2 Black Bloggers: Ladies Who Inspired the Build and Balance Blog