My Own Pace On My Own Path

Most days I felt as though I was swimming through mud, struggling for every inch forward, barely catching my breath. Blogging became a chore, not a solution. Everything made me tired. In near desperation, I continued looking for jobs with a resigned willingness to accept almost anything, much the way I imagine a lonely person looks at dating sites. On the second or third day of the year, I quit.… Read More My Own Pace On My Own Path

Long Distance Daughter

She has a key to the house and will check in as needed. I also have aunts, uncles, other family members and neighbors who would check on her if I asked. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Text, call, email, video chat, or do whatever you like doing. People that you trust can be your eyes, ears, hands and feet when you’re too far away to see your loved ones and help them yourself. Stay in contact with them.
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Sometimes My Best Isn’t Good Enough – And That’s Alright

Lately I just really don’t care and I mean that in the best way possible. As I child I wanted to be perfect out of fear. I believed that my good behavior was the reason people loved me, or at least liked me. I was afraid of what they would think if I didn’t do everything just right. As a young woman I abandoned the perceived high of approval via perfection. Instead I pursued a new high – respect via constant improvement. I decided that I’d much rather have people respect me than love me. I reasoned that seeking perfection was illogical and usually impeded me from truly feeling joy. The intelligent thing to do was to seek respect – from other people of course. “Most people will always respect someone who is constantly improving, right?” I had convinced myself that this was true.… Read More Sometimes My Best Isn’t Good Enough – And That’s Alright

I Feel Loved

We’ve traveled, attended exclusive events, eaten at fancy restaurants and done all kinds of things that some people believe are indicators of living well. Due to hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Isaac we’ve had makeshift anniversary celebrations in the midst of evacuating or sheltering in place. We had a stay-cation in a beautiful hotel suite for our tenth anniversary and ate at Ruth’s Chris Steak House for our fifteenth. We did none of that today.… Read More I Feel Loved