Power Mom: Polly Gaskins

My mom has been an excellent mother to me and a fantastic “Gee-gee” to my children. On top of that, her superpower is connecting people. She remembers birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. She know who is related to who, and how. She recognizes classmates, church members, neighbors, coworkers, and nearly everyone she meets. With that, she connects, introduces, visits, sends cards, and makes phone calls. She knows me and you, your mama and your cousin too.
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Power Mom: Aubri Finley Geurin

While building a succesful business, Aubri and her husband are also raising two children, one of which has a form of autism. Aubri often highlights the achievements of her children to encourage other parents who are going through similar experiences. Likewise, she shares her burdens to show that sometimes the simplest tasks can be daunting, difficult or disastrous, but never permanent.… Read More Power Mom: Aubri Finley Geurin