Public School Politics

I remember friends telling me what a great educator she was. I recall community meetings with parents who wanted to keep their school open and keep the good principal instead if closing the school and scattering neighborhood children throughout the city. I had a good feeling about that principal. … Read More Public School Politics

I Feel Loved

We’ve traveled, attended exclusive events, eaten at fancy restaurants and done all kinds of things that some people believe are indicators of living well. Due to hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Isaac we’ve had makeshift anniversary celebrations in the midst of evacuating or sheltering in place. We had a stay-cation in a beautiful hotel suite for our tenth anniversary and ate at Ruth’s Chris Steak House for our fifteenth. We did none of that today.… Read More I Feel Loved

Ladysitting: The Book That Reminded Me of Myself

I finished the book feeling like someone that I didn’t know knew me. While I’ve enjoyed most of the books I’ve read in the past few years I can’t remember one having this kind of affect on me. After reading the last words I returned to the book’s first pages where I saw myself in the preface, enjoying my childhood memories of “delight and time.”… Read More Ladysitting: The Book That Reminded Me of Myself

2 Black Bloggers: Ladies Who Inspired the Build and Balance Blog

From my perspective, what they’re doing appears to be working so I’ve been visiting their blogs and observing their online presence, watching them be great! They’ve truly inspired me to believe that I can do this, so without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to two Black women bloggers who inspire me to keep going – Dee Hollins, creator of The Nola Chic, and Natalie Tellis Robertson, co-creator of BeFabDaily.… Read More 2 Black Bloggers: Ladies Who Inspired the Build and Balance Blog