Power Mom: Naomi Prosper

Mama has built a legacy of faith, endurance, and love. A mother of six and mother-figure to many more, she raised her children while helping other children in need. When one of her four daughters had friends who needed guidance, a meal, or a place to stay, mama made took care of them. Her two sons, affectionately called the engine and the caboose because they’re her oldest and youngest children, could also depend on her to help their friends when needed. She diligently participated in church ministries, helped raise grandchildren, worked full time, and raised her six children and a other people’s children.… Read More Power Mom: Naomi Prosper


Power Mom: Polly Gaskins

My mom has been an excellent mother to me and a fantastic “Gee-gee” to my children. On top of that, her superpower is connecting people. She remembers birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. She know who is related to who, and how. She recognizes classmates, church members, neighbors, coworkers, and nearly everyone she meets. With that, she connects, introduces, visits, sends cards, and makes phone calls. She knows me and you, your mama and your cousin too.
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Five Things To Do When You’re Not Sure What To Do Next

When I lost my job and couldn’t immediately find a new one, disappointment became my daily companion. As weeks, then months passed, my search for employment still fruitless, I felt myself sinking into a dark place. I constantly wondered what was wrong with me. I felt like I once felt in high school when most… Read More Five Things To Do When You’re Not Sure What To Do Next

Power Mom: Rheneisha Robertson

Rheneisha has committed herself to the work of the organization, taking the responsibility of various positions until reaching her current one, Chief Programs Officer. Additionally, she is involved in various community organizations and she consistently helps her 85 year old grandmother while keeping up with the clubs, organizations, teams, and activities in which her husband and children are involved.… Read More Power Mom: Rheneisha Robertson

The Trouble With Always Representing

I thought of all the times I felt the responsibility to be an ambassador for Black women. I remembered being very young when my mother warned me that I better behave myself no matter where I was because I represented her and she had eyes everywhere. I grew to understand that in the eyes of people who had limited meaningful interactions with Black women, I represented all Black women, and those limited eyes are everywhere.… Read More The Trouble With Always Representing

Power Mom: Aubri Finley Geurin

While building a succesful business, Aubri and her husband are also raising two children, one of which has a form of autism. Aubri often highlights the achievements of her children to encourage other parents who are going through similar experiences. Likewise, she shares her burdens to show that sometimes the simplest tasks can be daunting, difficult or disastrous, but never permanent.… Read More Power Mom: Aubri Finley Geurin

Long Distance Daughter

She has a key to the house and will check in as needed. I also have aunts, uncles, other family members and neighbors who would check on her if I asked. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Text, call, email, video chat, or do whatever you like doing. People that you trust can be your eyes, ears, hands and feet when you’re too far away to see your loved ones and help them yourself. Stay in contact with them.
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5 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

Sometimes I have patience with everyone else accept me. A lack of patience can lead to frustration and I definitely don’t need anymore of that. I’m starting something new – something I’ve been avoiding for decades! I shouldn’t expect myself to make this adjustment overnight so to be sure that I don’t become overwhelmed (which will make me want to quit) I must be patient with myself. That’s why I built it into the plan.… Read More 5 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

The Yellow House: A Book Review

I couldn’t put “The Yellow House” down. I once lived on St. Andrew Street, not very far from the Irish Channel neighborhood where Ivory Mae, the story’s hero, grew up. I know the areas where the pink camelback house, the Royal Street apartment, and uncle Joseph Soule’s home are. I know people who work at Lafon Nursing Home and who graduated from St. Mary’s School. My husband, like the author’s brother, worked in French Quarter restaurants for years. In fact, I’m familiar with almost every part of New Orleans that was mentioned. The only place I had never heard of is the short end of Wilson Street, the location of the yellow house.
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