Building Momentum

January 2020 felt like the longest month ever. For me, that’s been a blessing because it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve truly felt like myself, as opposed to constantly trying to feel better. The slow start has been good for me. I think I’m ready to pick up the pace. I’m gaining momentum.… Read More Building Momentum

Power Mom: Naomi Prosper

Mama has built a legacy of faith, endurance, and love. A mother of six and mother-figure to many more, she raised her children while helping other children in need. When one of her four daughters had friends who needed guidance, a meal, or a place to stay, mama made took care of them. Her two sons, affectionately called the engine and the caboose because they’re her oldest and youngest children, could also depend on her to help their friends when needed. She diligently participated in church ministries, helped raise grandchildren, worked full time, and raised her six children and a other people’s children.… Read More Power Mom: Naomi Prosper

5 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

Sometimes I have patience with everyone else accept me. A lack of patience can lead to frustration and I definitely don’t need anymore of that. I’m starting something new – something I’ve been avoiding for decades! I shouldn’t expect myself to make this adjustment overnight so to be sure that I don’t become overwhelmed (which will make me want to quit) I must be patient with myself. That’s why I built it into the plan.… Read More 5 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person